The garage in Waihi Beach blocking out a seriously ill pensioner’s sun

Mar 20, 2023

Written by Tony Wall, Mar 09 2023, Stuff.

It seems so blatant – a large garage tacked on to the side of a new house, completely blocking out the view and morning sun of the neighbouring unit. How was it allowed?

Colin Henderson used to love his little slice of paradise on Waihi Beach. Every morning at 7.30 he’d take his cornflakes and porridge and sit on his deck, enjoying the sun and ocean views for a few hours.

Then his neighbours on the cross-lease section, Colin and Heather Booth, built a new holiday home with an attached garage that blocked out Henderson’s morning sun and view, literally leaving him in the dark.

Now the 76-year-old – who has rented the unit for more than five years – has to turn on the lights during the day, and it’s noticeably colder.


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