Who is Good Title?

Our dedicated team will make changing your cross-lease to fee-simple title easy. Our processes and relationships with the other service providers involved means you just sit back and let us project manage your job for you.

Who is Good Title?

GOOD TITLE is a professional service between the long-established innovative surveying practice Survus Consultants, and our affiliated lawyer. We use our combined experience and expertise to bring you a ‘one-stop agency’ and fixed prices for change of tenure subdivisions in both the Auckland District and wider Canterbury areas.

Why Good Title?


About us

We are offering fixed prices based on our previous experience in these types of developments and take the risk of under-performance. We have done dozens of these so have them down to a pretty fine art.

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We are somewhat different from a survey company.

​With a staff of 23, we run the subdivision process like a production line - each job will be worked on by no less than 8 different staff, each one doing the part of the process that they specialize in - planning, engineering, surveying.

​This brings in greater efficiencies providing a quicker process and better value for you, our clients.

​We have done hundreds of subdivisions, flat plan rectification, and conversions, so have these down to a pretty fine art.

hamish frizell

Hamish Frizzell

Managing Director/Business Development

Frequently asked questions

These are many and varied, but largely the main advantage is that the costs are known prior to even starting the process, giving certainty and no surprises.

In addition, there are the following advantages;

▪ You are dealing with one entity from beginning to end
▪ You are dealing with professionals who know their stuff
▪ We come to you if required – stay home and enjoy the roses
▪ There are no ongoing bills, physical works to organize, tradesmen to deal with
▪ Plus, we love dealing with people, especially you!

We have helped many clients with cross-lease properties, we can help you too.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you have about your cross-lease.

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