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I can't tell you whether a cross lease property is right for you or not, but I strongly recommend engaging a lawyer before you make any decisions, especially to review the terms of the cross lease. Their first step should be to check that the property you are interested in matches the one marked on the flats plan. 

Here are some things to know before you buy that cross lease property

AUG 23, 2019

Homeowners barred from renting or selling to "persons with brown skin", a battle over a deck at a $2 million home, neighbours extorting money from each other and the disputed demolition of a Hillsborough house -- these are just some of the issues which have come to light in disputes about cross-lease titles.

Cross about cross-lease: Battles from the property combat zone

OCT 26, 2018

Thinking of adding a garage, deck or pergola to your cross-lease property or getting a dog?  Beware, a top lawyer says, warning owners of more than 100,000 Auckland properties that people sometimes overlook their legal obligations by making changes without neighbours' written consent or in breach of their cross leases.

Cross-lease properties can be 'ticking time bombs', warns top lawyer

SEPT 20, 2018

A shared driveway in West Auckland has become a nightmare for Nina Khetan.  She said she was sick of her driveway being blocked by cards adn the neighbour's dog relieving itself on her lawn.  But what upset Khetan the most was her inability to landscape a strip of her land.

Neighbours at war over fences, blocked driveways and dog poo

SEPT 20, 2018

Michelle and David McLean say an earthquake-damaged cross lease has ruined their life in Christchurch.  The McLeans have now left Christchurch but are still stuck with shares in an empty Edgeware plot.  "I would never have bought this place if I'd known all this," Michelle McLean said.

Christchurch family's rebuild botched, can't sell land tied up in cross lease

OCT 18, 2017

Cross-leases are probably the most complicated form of property ownership in New Zealand and lots of people struggle to understand them. They can be so troublesome that the Law Commission has even recommended they are abolished.

Cross leases add an extra layer of complexity

OCT 13, 2017

Thousands of New Zealanders could find themselves in a cross lease "living hell" – but it is possible to escape it. ...

The process of leaving a cross lease is costly, but the cost would likely be offset by a higher property value if it was subdivided into fee simple titles.

How to get out of your cross lease before it becomes a 'living hell'

OCT 2, 2017


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